Clothes for dancing. What to wear to contemporary dance class

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In case you are in the process of choosing clothes for dancing lessons, we congratulate you, it means that you have finally discovered the joy of dancing. However, as in any other sport, the comfort and safety of the athlete in dancing directly depends on the right choice of clothing and equipment. In addition, the clothes will directly depend on your performance, endurance, appearance and enjoyment of physical activity. As noted by experts and choreographers, if the novice dancer choose the right clothes and shoes for dancing, it will have a positive impact on the effectiveness of the training process and allow you to train more efficiently throughout the class.

Types of dance and the best types of clothing for classes

Do you constantly enjoy music, never miss an opportunity to dance with friends or at a nightclub, and finally decided to start going to the dance studio? In this case, while waiting for your first class, you have not yet selected appropriate clothing for dancing, because you do not know what equipment is best suited for training? In case you are looking for information on how to choose clothes for dancing classes, ahead you will find a number of useful tips to help you make the right choice.

First, it is worth mentioning that there are many dance studios, which have a fairly strict dress code. In addition, there are dance styles and trends, in which the dancer is forced to adhere to a certain style of dress. For example, it is almost impossible to imagine ballerinas, who, for example, dance in sneakers and jeans, or performers breakdancing, performing their complex acrobatic feats in ballet tutus. Thus, it becomes clear that every dance, depending on its own philosophy, requires special clothes and shoes.

In choosing clothes for dancing lessons, it is necessary to remember that comfort is a key factor for the dancer. At the same time, each type of dance has its own technique, and the chosen costume should provide maximum freedom of movement. Some dances in their artistic features require the athlete to perform numerous aerobic Pa, while others, on the contrary, there are a lot of slow aerobic movements. Therefore, the suit chosen for the dance, should help to perform movements and give maximum comfort. This is especially true when a dancer carries out rehearsals on stage or performs in front of the audience. It is also worth remembering that the suit for dancing is chosen not only depending on the type of dance, but also the place where the performance will take place. Because of the large number of proposals and variety of choice present in the stores, it is very difficult for beginners to choose a costume that will suit them best. Therefore, the choice and the purchase of dance wear must be based on three components: comfort, accessibility and style. Below, we will talk more specifically about the choice of clothing for different types of dance.

Clothes for ballet classes

Clothes for ballet classes

When mentioning the word ballet in our minds, there are images of slim, thin and very graceful dancers. As a rule, ballet dancers have rhythm and charm, which are achieved due to the dancers’ long and tireless practice. When choosing clothes for ballet classes, one should keep in mind that ballet schools and studios have their own requirements for this outfit. Most often for ballet classes athletes use a tutu and pointe or jumpsuits, tights, ballet skirts and tights. Buying clothes for the ballet, you should understand that this sports equipment, first, should be practical, and therefore try to avoid those that are flashy or have any excesses. According to the opinion of choreographers and experienced dancers who have been engaged in ballet for a long time, the best clothing for classes will be a simple leotard or tights with tights. At the same time, one of the main elements of the dancer’s outfit during training are tights or leggings. This is due to the fact that this element of the closet allows you to be flexible and thus gives the opportunity to feel most comfortable.

Clothing for jazz dance classes

Since jazz dance contains some elements present in the ballet, the dancers can use similar clothes used in ballet. Thus, having decided to study jazz dance, you can safely buy tights and tights, and it should be understood that this dance involves the concentration of the dancer in the performance of each movement. In this regard, during the dance or training, jazz dancer should not wear fluffy skirts or clothes that have multiple layers. In addition, in order to match the image and image, a jazz dancer should wear shorty, original and sexy outfits. So, for example, for jazz lessons you can buy bright tops, flared pants, swimsuits and shorts. It is worth noting that for the strongest representatives of mankind, flared pants are the main element of equipment for jazz lessons. In order to give the clothes brightness and originality, it can be decorated with sequins and rhinestones. The presence of sequins and rhinestones on clothes will give them shimmer and sparkle. If you’re not a fan of wearing tight clothes, then the ideal choice for you is to buy jazz pants, which resemble sports pants, but they are made of very lightweight and rigid materials. In addition, jazz dance pants have different lengths and can both reach the ankles and have capri length.

Cha-cha, waltz, foxtrot, rumba and Latin American dances

Clothing for all of the above dances requires clothes made of flowing, flowing fabrics that have bright and sexy colors. If we talk about men, they should choose specialized pants that have slits at the bottom, and smooth branded shirts.

Hip Hop Clothing

Due to its unique culture, hip-hop provides the dancer with great freedom not only in movement, but also in choosing the best clothing. It is worth remembering that these dances can be performed not only solo, but also as a team, and the main motto of hip-hop is the slogan “Be yourself. If we talk about the choice of clothing for these dances, then the ideal choice for a person engaged in hip-hop, will shorty, bright shirts, white pants like jerseys, as well as accessories that have massive jewelry. Girls who decide to do hip-hop can choose jeans that have a low waist, as well as a variety of sexy and stylish T-shirts. In this case, whatever you decide to wear on the first workout, be sure to add a little originality.

Clothing for breakdancing

Movement in breakdancing – is, of course, known even to the most distant from the dancing people, the moonlight gait of Michael Jackson, in addition, this dance includes such complex acrobatic elements such as the wheel, the rotation of his head and many others. At the same time, the main component of this type of dancing is to perform various dance steps, combined with the execution of complex sports movements on the floor, in connection with what breakdance has traditionally been considered more suitable for male audience. Choosing to train clothes for this type of dance, it must be remembered that, above all, it must be the most comfortable. Because of this, deciding to go to breakdancing and choosing clothes, you need to give their own preference for jackets that have hoods, sport pants made of nylon, which have the ability to reduce friction when performing various exercises on the floor, a colorful, bright bandanas and stylish t-shirts. To perform rotations on your head, you will need a specialized cap that has a poly material lining. It is worth noting that most studios, teaching their students breakdancing, does not require them to have any specialized clothing, but despite this, you must be present during classes in equipment that would not restrict movement.

Clothing for breakdancing

What clothes should be chosen for training and learning to dance?

The ideal choice for practicing dancers is a gymnastic leotard, it is connected with the fact that this sports clothes does not constrain movements, and it allows the teacher almost immediately notice the mistakes made by the trainee. It is necessary to choose an acrobatic leotard strictly according to the size in order not to let it slip off the body when making dance movements. When trying on a leotard, slip a finger under the shoulder of the leotard and if it easily fits there, then the clothes have a normal size for you. Another option for good clothing for workouts is a swimsuit made of elastane, which absorbs moisture, allows the skin to breathe easy and dries very quickly. If we talk about skirts, purchased for dancing classes, they must be flared and necessarily above the knees. T-shirts should choose tight-fitting and sleeveless.

Strong representatives of mankind should choose pants that perfectly sit on the figure without a belt. At the same time, this clothing should not constrain movements, allowing you to sit on the splits without problems. It is worth noting that most often these pants are made without pockets, and at the bottom of the product for more convenience there is sewn an elastic band, so that the pants do not get tucked in. Shirts and T-shirts should be selected in the style of the body, which are connected to the swimming trunks, so they do not fly out of the pants, and you always have a neat appearance. If such clothes are uncomfortable for you, then on the bottom of an ordinary shirt you can sew a rubber band.

How to choose clothes for dancing competitions?

When choosing clothing for performance, it is important to remember that it should meet certain criteria because otherwise you may be removed from the competition. It should be recalled that ballroom dancing today is divided into European and Latin American, and clothes for each of these types of dance are significantly different from each other. Young women engaged in European ballroom dancing, on a mandatory basis, should be present in close-fitting dress and gloves, and the partner should be dressed in a black dress shirt with a bow tie. A woman, who performs in competitions in Latin ballroom dancing, should be dressed in a short dress and a man in a black tight-fitting suit. Such clothes are chosen specifically to show the partners’ muscular system during the dance performance.

How to choose the right color scheme for a dance costume?

As a rule, the colors in a dance costume used in the performance at the competition are chosen so that it contrasts with the lighting, props and accessories. In addition, it is necessary to remember that the color scheme of clothing has a direct influence on audience emotions; that is why, the color scheme of clothing for performances can be chosen in accordance with the emotional component expressed by the dancer during the dance. For example, the color purple can symbolize cold, and red tones evoke a feeling of warmth. In addition, the color scheme can correspond to some feelings – green symbolizes envy and white evokes positive, bright and good emotions. In some cases, suits have a mixed color scheme, it is done to show the plasticity of the dancer and his grace.

In addition, the color scheme of a dance costume can be used to enlarge or reduce the dancer’s forms as well as body lines. For example, the use of clothes of darker colors makes him slimmer, while lighter colors visually expand the figure. Bright and bold colors in some cases are better to avoid, as they can significantly distort the body lines, in addition, such colors strongly fatigue the eyes of the audience. If we talk about clothing with color transitions, they can be realized with the help of color gradients. At the same time deciding to choose to clothe of this type, it is necessary to remember that sharp color contrasts, present in clothes, visually cut the body.

Patterns and patterns present in dance wear can also accentuate certain parts of the body or minimize the size of the figure. For example, vertical lines present on a dance costume visually elongate the body, while horizontal lines thicken it.

What is the best material for making clothes for dance classes?

It should be remembered that the quality of the material is very important for dance training clothing, so you should choose the equipment for dance lessons, which will provide your body with the maximum level of comfort. When choosing training clothes, try to avoid those that are made of low-quality materials, as these sports outfit will not allow your body to breathe comfortably, and in case of heavy sweating it can stain the skin. According to experts and experienced athletes, it is quite comfortable to learn to dance in clothes that are made of polyamide and polyester. You can also give your own preference to clothes made of biflex, which will maintain optimum body temperature and reduce the level of injury. If we talk about the purchase of clothing made of natural cotton fabrics, it should be used only if you do not expect a lot of sweating during training, because otherwise this equipment will get wet very quickly and will deliver discomfort, constantly sticking to your body.

Some useful tips for those who have decided to dance and choose clothing for training.

The choice of clothes for dancing classes should be based on your personal preferences, only in this case you can feel most comfortable in the training clothes. For example, some dancers prefer long t-shirts instead of tops and sweatpants rather than shorts for training.

Having decided to train in pants, be sure to pay attention to their length, so as not to step on them during the practice of dance movements.

Try to give your own preference not only to wear comfortable clothes, but also the ones in which you will look the most attractive, otherwise you may be tempted to quit training.

The underwear that you use during dance classes should have breathable properties, as well as have the function of breast support. Remember that a quality and comfortable sports bra is the foundation of every self-respecting dancer’s closet.

Do not refuse to use accessories that will act as assistants during the dancing. For example, you can wear specialized bracelets that allow you to quickly wipe off sweat. Or if training are held on the street in sunny weather, then make sure to wear a cap.

Try not to wear your casual clothes to dance classes, due to the fact that things from the everyday closet can not only reduce the training progress, but also cause injury.

Refuse to wear jewelry to practice, as they can get caught in the costume and cause injury.

When choosing workout clothes, be sure to inspect the inner seams, remember that they should be made in such a way that they do not rub on the skin.

More often than not, exquisite dance wear presented in specialized stores is much more expensive than what is sold in sports stores of general orientation. However, it is the high-priced equipment that is designed specifically for dancers that have a higher level of comfort and durability.

How do you wear contemporary dance classes?

There is no one way to wear contemporary dance classes. It really depends on the specific class and the teacher’s preferences. However, typically, you will want to wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely. Many people choose to wear leggings and a tank top or T-shirt. It is also a good idea to bring a water bottle and a towel, especially if the class is strenuous.

What do you wear to contemporary class?

There is no one answer to this question, as contemporary dance can be quite varied in its style and approach. However, in general, you might wear something comfortable and moveable, such as yoga pants and a tank top, or a T-shirt and shorts. It’s also important to be aware of what is allowed in terms of footwear; often, dancers are required to go barefoot or wear special dance shoes.

What do contemporary dancers usually wear?

There are many types of clothing that contemporary dancers wear, but most commonly they wear skirts, dresses, and mini skirts.

Is contemporary dance good for beginners?

There is no easy answer to this question as it depends on your own personal definition of ‘beginner.’ Contemporary dance can be a good starting point for someone with no prior dance experience, but it can also be challenging and require a lot of dedication and hard work. If you are interested in learning contemporary dance, be prepared to commit to regular classes and rehearsals, and be willing to challenge yourself both physically and mentally.