How to start dance as a teenager

I’m new! How to behave in class?

You come to a dance class for the first time, or you come to a new group, to a new instructor. As with any person coming to a new group, you may have questions about how to behave properly.

We will give some tips to help you cope with excitement and doubts.

Get used to the new environment in the first few sessions

In the first few sessions, you’ll be getting used to your trainer’s teaching methodology. Each trainer has a different lesson plan:

  • warm-up, physical activity, stretching,
  • learning and practicing the basic elements of dance,
  • learning dance routines,
  • Work on the improvisation of dancers,
  • Dance battle or jam between students, etc.

In addition to different program, each trainer holds class in his own way: some teachers explain literally every movement they make, others first show all the movements, then explain, someone slowly shows the movements and explains those moments that students do not understand. Some teachers have music playing during the whole class, while others first practice everything without music, and only then begin to practice the movement and dance to the music. Each of the methods has the right to exist. The main thing to understand is that the student must always get answers to all their questions, no matter how the teacher organizes the lesson. This means that you should always clarify the points that raise doubts.

Just for the first lessons you will get used to your instructor, you will understand the program and the form of the lesson, you will understand when it is time to ask a question, and when you should wait and the coach will explain everything. Take your time and do not worry – give yourself time to get used to the new environment.

Become part of the team.

To feel “at ease” in the new team, it is important for anyone to understand that he is part of the group. On your part, it is important to show that you are happy to be in the group: do not be moody and overly serious, others may think that you do not like something. This usually causes a defensive reaction in the group – people become serious towards you. So smile and enjoy the class and the fact that you are dancing with other people – you will be welcomed as a friendly and interested person. The teacher and the group will also show interest in you: ask questions, offer help. Don’t push them away, don’t be afraid, don’t think that someone wants to hurt you or violate your personal space – everyone wants to feel the community of the team and team unity.

Talk to your teacher

Every student wants to know what they’re doing well, what they need to work harder on, where they need to be more attentive. The answers to these questions shouldn’t be looked for in the mirror, you should get them from your teacher, at least at first. The teacher can point out your strengths and weaknesses, encourage, inspire, and suggest directions for development. Feel free to ask questions, consult, consult with your coach. This conversation will allow you to make conclusions about the coach, about the direction you have chosen, about your level at the moment and about your abilities.

Take dance lessons responsibly.

Regardless of whether you started in a group that just opened, or joined a long-established group, you should prepare for the class. There are three main points of preparation:

Repeat at home or before training learned movements, elements, dance chords in order to make the whole group work intensively and productively in the class (it is one thing if a student can not do something, but another thing if he/she forgets the movements and does not make an effort to memorize them!)

dance class

Be collected and tidy. Make it pleasant and comfortable to be around you during class.

Come to class on time, do not miss training without a valid reason.

Dance class – it’s not only fun, dynamic and bright. It is responsible, difficult and in some moments even scary. Don’t be afraid to overcome yourself and work on yourself! And remember, every person can dance! Get a start! Dare!