Clothing for ballroom dancing, what the requirements must meet

Beautiful performance on the stage with a lot of dance elements and movements in the classical style is called ballroom dancing. People who are fond of this sport have flexibility, elasticity. For training to be successful and performances to be demonstrative, special clothes for ballroom dancing are used, and all fashionable costumes are classified according to different programs. To choose the clothing for ballroom, it is recommended to get acquainted with the types of costumes, requirements for their tailoring and options for colors and materials.

Costume variations

For ballroom dancing lessons are required not only to choose a beautiful and stylish costume, but also that meets the requirements of international standards. Everyone likes to watch a beautiful performance, especially if cute outfits are flashing on the stage. If the requirements are not met, the dancer can be deprived of qualification. Today there are several costume options:

  • for the standard program;
  • for Latin;
  • for children.

To better understand the varieties, it is recommended to consider each type separately.

For the standard program

Clothing for the standard dance also has the name of costume for the European program. Today it is stylized as the attire of the 19th century and is represented by such products for boys and girls:

  • Men’s suit – the obligatory parameters are a dark tailcoat and bow tie. Often in the photo you can see a man wearing a black jacket, a white classic shirt, a white bowtie. Classic black shoes or shoes to match the suit are acceptable. In the cuffs area the shirt protrudes a little beyond the jacket;
  • Women’s suit – a long fitted dress made of a light flowing material. Often light colors are chosen, but sometimes the shade depends on the rhythm, the expression of the dance. The dress must be long, and gloves are an essential attribute. Often the dress has open shoulders; it can be supplemented with beautiful airy sleeves, sewn in a kleshlesh type. The use of different guipure inserts along the waistline, as well as a variety of decorative elements such as a fluffy border on the edge of the hem and sleeves is allowed.

For Latina

Latin dance is fundamentally different from the European classical version. It is characterized by rhythmic, expressive, fast movements. In the eyes of partners should shine passion and energy. That is why, their clothes should be appropriate, not hampering the dancers’ actions. For women selected a short dress, men dance in pants and shirts.

Men’s pants must sit well at the waist or hips; their cut can be slightly flared, which adds expression to the dance.

For children.

Classical ballroom and Latin dance attire for children is also sewn in accordance with the rules, and in this case they are more stringent. It is believed that the younger the age group of children, the more restrictions on the presence of decor, the presence of different shades.

Simplicity in the cut of the product is one of the basic requirements for a woman’s dress. Regardless of the style of dancing, the length of the skirt is limited – it is from 10 cm above the knee to 10 cm below the knee. For example, in the Latin version of the girl may wear a dress 10 cm above the knee. According to the requirements, any kind of decor except lace is prohibited, but there are restrictions on it as well. For example, if the dress is made in blue, the lace material will be blue or blue.

The height of the heel of shoes for girls should not exceed 3.5 cm – this is the best option for the comfort of the performance. It is forbidden to wear shoes on the bare foot – flesh-colored tights or socks are required.

The boys’ suit also has a number of nuances:

  • for practice, comfortable pants and a T-shirt are used;
  • for performances in the European program classic dark pants, slightly flared to the bottom, as well as a white shirt and tie are used;
  • for Latin dance performances the same version of the costume is used.

Shoes for boys should be comfortable, slightly slippery on the floor and match the color of the pants.

Clothing for ballroom dancing

Color and fabric

The choice of material for sewing the product, as well as its color depends on the style of dance, requirements and restrictions. Today, the following materials are used in tailoring costumes:

  • Biflex – the material does not crease, does not lose color after repeated washings. It contains nylon, which makes it lightweight and breathable;
  • Oil – fabric based on the type of knitwear, relevant for sewing tight-fitting items;
  • Meryl – has high strength, breathability and contributes to evaporation, which is important for trainings and performances;
  • Guipure – is used in suits as inserts;
  • Satin – nice look and flowing motifs allow to choose this material for sewing suits;
  • Organza – suitable for the production of women’s dresses on the European program;
  • Chiffon. Light, but fragile fabric, suitable for dresses.

If a child or an adult is very thin – you can sew a suit from velvet. Among the colors for the European program one can choose clothes for ballroom dancing classes in classic black, as well as blue, blue and turquoise hues. Bright colors such as yellow, green and purple are predominantly used in latin dance.

Requirements for competition costumes

There are a number of restrictions and requirements for certain types of costumes in the dance field. After getting acquainted with them, one can safely choose the dancing attire for the competition performance. The requirements relate to the items of clothing for the partner and the partner in the standard program and Latin:

  • for girls – it is allowed to use a monochrome dress, a black skirt with a white blouse or with a ballet tricot, the underskirt can be used, but on condition that it is made without folds. Finishing without sequins is permitted. Transparent fabrics, trimmings with stones, beads, feathers, jewelry and make-up are not allowed;
  • for guys – you can wear black pants with a belt of the corresponding color, a white shirt. Of footwear, you can wear suede shoes with a low heel. No shiny fabric, unbuttoned collar and rolled up sleeves are allowed.

All of the above requirements are mandatory for performances. It is allowed to use comfortable tracksuits in training.

What do you wear to ballroom dance?

Dress for a day of ballroom dancing? If you’re not sure, there are a few guidelines that can help you out.
-Dress for the occasion. This means if it’s a formal event, dress in a suit and tie. If it’s casual, wear jeans and a t-shirt.
-Match your outfit to the venue. For example, if you’re going to be dancing at an outdoor event, dress in lightweight clothing that is breathable and won’t get hot or heavy when you start to sweat.
-Try matching your shoes with your outfit so they match as well as possible. For example, if you wear black pants with brown shoes then try wearing brown pants with black shoes instead.
-If possible, match your belt color with either your shoes or the color of your clothes so they all match together nicely without being too flashy or too dull.”

Where do ballroom dancers get their dresses?

Dresses for ballroom dancing come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Retailers offer a variety of styles to meet the needs of dancers.
Ballroom dresses are available from many clothing stores and online retailers. The price range for ballroom dresses is wide with some dresses costing as little as $20 and others costing over $1000. Dancers can also purchase used ballroom dresses on sites like eBay or at local dance wear shops.