Modern dances for teenagers: styles and trends

Adolescence – a time when creative expression is just a necessity. And no matter whether it will be drawing, playing chess or club for young naturalists – young people are beginning to look for themselves and what they really will be interesting to do. Modern dance for teenagers – it is not only a chance to develop physically, but also to learn to feel the rhythm, and join the Young man or girl who do dance, gain confidence, attract the attention of their peers and enjoy greater popularity. So, the topic of our conversation is modern dance for teenagers. What are the popular styles and directions?


Hip-hop – an integral part not only of street culture, but also teens. This dance style once appeared in the poor neighborhoods of New York City and was created as an alternative to the criminal and street life, which were forced to lead young residents of the ghetto – mostly African and Hispanic. Hip-hop technique perfected, and gradually the style moved from the dance floors of New York streets on the big stage, in show business and the stage.

If you are looking for modern dances for teenagers, learning which will develop remarkable agility and splash out irrepressible energy, hip-hop is an ideal option. Rhythmic, but at the same time springy swaying motion body, twists and jumps, lightning quick shuffle feet – that is a feature of hip-hop. For the period that there is a dance style, there have been many of his directions: break dance, popping, locking, boogaloo, etc. Reckless company, loose clothes and easy “rocking” motion – what else do teenagers need to have fun?

Continues the list of “modern dance for teens and teenagers,” no less popular style of go-go. Initially, the direction was created as a way to entertain guests at elite parties in nightclubs. Go-Go is a dance that is mostly women. Any girl who has such skills has every chance to become the real disco queen.



Jazz-funk – a dance for adolescents, characterized by expression, mannerism and boldness. It can be classified as “modern dance for teenagers aged 14 years,” because the younger guys are unlikely to be interested in this style.

Jazz funk – an eclectic mix of the best achievements of different directions in choreography. Young and bold, the style of jaz-funk appeared only in 2000, and immediately gained unprecedented popularity. If a teenager – a devoted fan of pop and r’n’b-culture, jazz-funk, of course, will have a taste: Beyonce, Madonna, Britney Spears – just a small list of stars that use it in their shows.

In jazz funk there are almost no difficult tricks and movements – everything is natural, within the realm of possibility, so special training is not needed. However, the ability to combine dynamics and fluidity, tenderness and aggressiveness – that’s what the dancer gets as a result of training.


Contemporary originates in the dance direction of modern. It is suitable for emotional and lyrical teenagers who want to convey their mood in dance. Often, contempo is danced barefoot, combining some elements of ballet, modern, postmodern and even yoga choreography. Good stretching will help to achieve great success in training.

Modern dance for teenagers is often aggressive and harsh, contempo is something else: it helps to develop sensuality and unique beauty of movement. Contempo can be different – singles and couples, dancing while standing and on the floor, but it is always the same graceful and effective.

Clothing for the classes can be tight, but should not restrict movement. Freedom, the flight of the soul and the ability to tell a touching story – that is the advantage of contempo.


Tectonic can be categorized as “modern dance for teens 12 years and older.

Like any discovery of the XXI century, this option combines elements of several dances – hip-hop, electro, techno, etc. Tectonic dance on club sites, and “uniform” for representatives of this trend looks something like this: tight jeans, white belt, tight T-shirt and leggings on the hands. Over time, however, the clothing requirements have been significantly abolished.

Tectonic develops good coordination, because the essence of dance is to dexterously perform sequential and simultaneous rotations of the elbows and hands, while performing springy movements of the legs. The most difficult in this direction is hardstyle, as it requires prior preparation and excellent physical shape of the performer.


Dubstep-dance appeared on a wave of popularization of the same name music. And so musicianship and rhythmic as never played an important role during his performance. Music in the dubstep style is characterized by a shift of strong beats and accents, the use of synths that create the illusion of “acceleration” and a sudden “stop”, in fact, the same looks and dance: long movements are replaced by short, the dynamics – a sudden static figures. There is also widespread use of “cuts,” slows and expositions – everything to “illustrate” the musical pattern as accurately as possible.


Continues the list of “modern dance for teens and teenagers” no less popular style of go-go. Initially, the trend was created as a way to entertain guests at elite parties in nightclubs. Go-Go is a dance that is mostly women. Any girl who has such skills has all chances to become a real disco queen.

Modern dance for beginners, adolescents with acquired choreographic skills, as well as advanced dancers are taught at special schools that are open not only in large cities, but also in small communities. Groups are divided by age categories, and classes are available to all. So choose the appropriate direction and forward – for a portion of adrenaline and good humor!

Can you start dancing as a teenager?

There is no one answer to this question as it depends on the individual. Some dancers start training at a very young age, while others may not start until they are in their teens. It is ultimately up to the dancer and their parents to decide when the time is right to start lessons.

Can I start dancing at 14?

There is no legal age requirement for dancing, so you can start dancing at 14 if you wish. However, it is important to consider your own physical and emotional readiness before starting any type of dance class. Talk to your parents or guardians about your interest in dance and ask them if they think it is a good idea for you to start classes. Be sure to listen to their advice and take their concerns into account before making a decision. If you do decide to start dancing, be sure to find a reputable studio that has a qualified and experienced instructor.

What is a good age to start dancing?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on individual preferences and abilities. However, many dancers begin studying dance at a young age, often as young as three or four years old. This allows them to develop the necessary skills and techniques needed to pursue a career in dance. However, if someone is not interested in or does not have the ability to study dance at a young age, there is no need to worry as they can begin studying dance at any age.

Can you learn dance at 13?

There is no definite answer to this question as it depends on the person’s natural ability to learn dance and their level of commitment to learning. However, most dance classes typically start at age 3 or 4, so it may be difficult for a 13-year-old to catch up to the other students in the class.