Learn how to dance app

8 dance app that will teach you how to dance

How often do you say “I don’t dance” and spend the most groovy part of the evening in a corner? Dancing at parties, clubs, New Year’s Eve corporate parties, or even just a family celebration can seem like a terrifying prospect if you don’t have even the slightest skill in synchronizing rhythm with body movements. Attending special courses could solve the problem, but not everyone is suited to this style of learning. And if to be completely honest, in the crazy rhythm of city life, it is difficult to find time for additional “development.

But do not despair and give up the dream of becoming a star on the dance floor. We do not believe in tales of the two left feet, and today’s review is proof of that.  Below are the top dance app that will tell you about the most popular dance styles of our time and teach you to listen to the music of your body.

1. Pocket Salsa.

Cuban Salsa is one of the most relaxed and sexy types of dance. The movements are filled with twists, turns, bends and just soaked in sparks of fun and pleasure. “Pocket Salsa” will reveal all the secrets of this ancient dance and will detail how to perform the many dance moves. In addition to 100 video lessons, the app includes:

  • A bunch of rousing dance clips that will help you be the star at any party
  • 21 trendy rhythms that will be the centerpiece of any dance. 

2. Bboy Step by Step: How to Dance HD 

Two-time world champion in break-dance and mass Monkees / Rock Stead style dancing breaks all the stereotypes of street dance before your eyes. The app consists of 15 mini-tutorials that are superb in their implementation. They cover basic footwork, top rock style moves, freezing, and music rhythm support in general.  There is only one comment to this project – I would like more depth, detail and instruction.

3. Breakdance Step-by-Step 

This app will be useful for those who have dreamed of mastering break-dance. Legendary bboys not just show master classes in this type of dance, but teaches the basics. The course, consisting of 47 detailed lessons, includes:

  • Basic break elements, including the unbeatable six steps, backspins and baby freeze
  • Advanced moves from the 2000s, including popular trax and halos elements

The app has one disadvantage – the videos look just awful on the iPad, but the potential for development of the app outweighs this disadvantage.

4. Learn Hip Hop Dance 

If you are looking for a representative of the classic hip-hop school, you should pay attention to the master class from Brice “Professor Lock” Johnson. He will show you how to quickly learn the basics of hip-hop moves and how elements of “groove” and “freestyle” should actually look like. The app also includes tips on how to mix elements and find your own style. As a bonus, rhythm and music lovers will get some tutorials on how to learn popular dances such as Dougie, Running Man and Harlem Shake.

5. Zumba Dance. 

Get ready to teach your body how to move in one fell swoop, thanks to the extravaganza Zumba. The app has taken the baton of kinect-sensor enabled fitness consoles and now has animated step-by-step dance instructors, immersing you in a world of rhythm and latin pas. The instructor program not only teaches popular moves, but also tracks the user’s progress and reminds about training.

6. Tap App. 

Thanks to this app, you can learn what rhythm is in the original meaning of the word. We will learn how to tap dance. “Tap app” uses a combination of animated drawings and video clips to learn 12 basic steps. If you buy two more supplements at one time, the range expands to as many as 34 “tap” steps. Among other things, the appendix provides valuable advice on how to best apply the step being studied and how to adapt it in your motor memory.

DanceTime Deluxe

7. Dance the Rumba. 

Justin Moulton is an Australian ballroom-sport dance teacher ready to share with the world the energy of the rumba, a dance of love and passion. The teacher will not only help you learn the basic elements of the dance. But also, thanks to the competent video and text support, will help to plunge into the origins of the rumba. 

8. DanceTime Deluxe. 

A very unusual project. The application will teach you to dance when there is no music at hand. The user will understand what is a cyclic rhythm, how to adjust the tempo and get acquainted with more than 25 pattern dance styles. Here you will find dance moves for home, street, rumba, cha-cha-cha, and even breakdancing. Newcomers to help will timer, metronome, and a virtual instructor who sets the right beat.

Conclusion: On the one hand, it’s sad that all the dance apps will require a financial outlay. On the other hand – the cost of working in the hall is much higher than the rates of the virtual coach. In addition, applications for learning to dance will help you decide on your musical preferences, will add a little confidence in your abilities to make the next step: to go to class with a dance school or rush straight to the dance floor. And of course, all presented in the review, the applications can be a great help for having fun with friends and family.

How can I learn dancing by myself?

There are a few things you can do to learn dancing by yourself. One is to watch videos of dancers online and try to mimic their movements. Another is to find dance classes online or in your area that you can watch and learn from. You can also find dance partners online or in your area to practice with. Dancing is a social activity, so finding a partner or group to practice with will help you learn and improve faster.

Is there any app for learning dance?

There are several apps that can help you learn dance. Some popular options include DanceWithMe, Dance TV, and Dance Lessons. These apps offer step-by-step tutorials that can help you learn a variety of dance styles. They also provide feedback on your progress and offer challenges to help you keep learning and progressing.

Is learn dance app free?

Learn dance is not free. It costs $4.99/year to be a premium member.

How can I learn dance at home for free?

There are a few different ways that you can learn dance at home for free. One option is to watch online tutorials or lessons. There are a number of websites and YouTube channels that offer free dance lessons, and you can usually find lessons for a variety of different dances. Another option is to find free dance classes in your area. Often, local community centres or dance studios offer free classes for beginners. You can also search for free dance workshops in your area. Finally, you can also learn dance by practicing at home. There are a number of online resources, such as dance videos and tutorials, that can help you learn the steps for different dances. You can also find dance music to practice to, and try to find partners to practice with.