The wedding dance. How to dance at your wedding!

The wedding dance: let your feelings flow!

One of the most touching moments of the wedding celebration is the first dance of the newlyweds, filled with love and tenderness. That’s why you want it to be special and unique. For this, many newlyweds turn to a professional choreographer who is engaged in the delivery of their wedding dance. But before you go to a choreographic school, you should learn all the details and nuances of the first wedding dance in order to decide, even before the meeting with the choreographer, what dance direction you prefer and what you would like to decorate the dance, etc. This is what we will talk about in this article!

The wedding dance

Wedding dance: a couple of tips

In order for the wedding dance to become a touching and bright moment of the celebration, its staging should be approached wisely. And we are talking not only about lessons in a dance school, but also the selection of music, the choice of style, etc. On this subject, we can give a couple of tips:

The style of the wedding dance should match the theme of the wedding. For example, for a retro wedding suit the tango, for the celebration in the style of “Stilyagi” – boogie-woogie, in the case of a classic wedding it is better to give preference to the waltz.

Do not choose for the wedding dance too long melodies. The ideal length of a wedding dance is 2-3 minutes. If the dance lasts longer than this time, the guests may lose interest in you and get bored.

If you don’t like dancing in public and being the center of attention, you can shorten your dance to 1 minute, after which the host will invite all guests to join you on the dance floor.

Try to conduct the rehearsal in the same clothes that you will be at the wedding. No, of course, you should not wear wedding outfits, sew something similar or just wear a few skirts.

Take your wedding shoes with you to the final rehearsals and dance in them. This will not only help you get used to the shoes, but also help you to wear them. Or buy comfortable shoes for your wedding dance that you will wear before your performance.

Pay attention to the floor coating in the restaurant: if there is tile, it is better to choose with a dance with a minimum of complex movements, if carpeting – you can add a few spectacular tricks (lifts, flips, etc.) to the dance.

Rehearse in the same space as the dance floor in the restaurant. So that it does not happen that you rehearse a large-scale dance, and you do not have enough space in the wedding hall. The last rehearsals in general are better to spend in the banquet hall to feel comfortable on the wedding day.

The first dance and the wedding dress: making the right choice

Choosing a dance direction should not be guided only by your preferences. It is also worth considering the style of the wedding dress:

If you have chosen for yourself a wedding dress in the style of “princess”, then the ideal option would be the waltz. But the salsa or tango is not the best choice, because these dances are based on active movements of the hips. And under the lush skirt, no one will notice your honed movements and poses. For the salsa it is better to choose a short dress or a stage costume, and the tango can be danced in a close-fitting dress with a deep cut on the leg, which will allow you to perform all the necessary movements.

If you opted for a mermaid style dress, then you better refuse to dance where there are a lot of steps and turns. You can get tangled in the hem of the dress and ruin the whole dance!

If you will be in a short dress, you can surprise your guests with any energetic dance: salsa, twist, rock and roll or a mix dance to modern tunes.

How are you supposed to dance at a wedding?

There is no one “correct” way to dance at a wedding, as the style of dancing will vary depending on the preference of the bride and groom. However, many couples prefer to have a more formal, ballroom-style dance, with couples dancing in a line or a square. If you are unsure of the style of dancing that is expected at a particular wedding, it is always best to ask the bride or groom for guidance.

What is the order of dancing at a wedding reception?

The order of dancing at a wedding reception can vary, but often the bride and groom will kick off the dancing with their first dance, followed by the father-daughter dance and the mother-son dance. Next, the bridal party often takes to the dance floor, followed by other guests. The night usually wraps up with the bride and groom again taking the lead on the dance floor.