What is modern contemporary dance

Types and styles of modern contemporary dance: an overview of the main genres, their history and features

The dance world is changing and is regularly replenished with new types of dance. Fresh music styles, songs and club movements become the basis for the development of new dance styles. You can learn types of modern contemporary dance and hone their movements at “La Boca” dance club. Our instructors are proficient in many modern styles.


Vogue is a modern style of dance with deliberate demonstrativeness and showmanship. The movement is akin to jazz funk and includes many poses and movements from the modeling business. From the English, “vogue” translates as “fashion. Vogue dance came out of American club culture.

It is based on the spectacular poses and elements of the gait of supermodels from the fashionable catwalks. The trick of the dance is in pretentious frozen poses that the dancers take. And also in rapid arm movements, rotations, spectacular falls. To the whole world, the style of vogue appeared in the video of Madonna with the same name.

Vogue is a very feminine and inspired dance, which celebrates the beauty of the body, the acceptance of self and love for the world.

Jazz Funk

Popular modern dances at the intersection of trends are mostly related to the style of Jazz Funk. This is a young movement, which is a mix of basic movements and features of hip-hop, jazz-dance, vogue and Latin American dances.

Jazz-Funk dances are the same ones that we see in the music videos and at concerts of Janet Jackson, Beyonce, Britney Spears. The style emerged in the early 2000s and quickly won hearts. It is characterized by impulsiveness, boldness and expression. It is an energetic dance that is born out of a certain sense of one’s body and music.

Dance hall

Dance hall as a culture has its roots in Jamaica in the 1980s and grew out of reggae. It is a club music and dance style that showcases the freedom and looseness of the dancers.

Modern dance hall choreography includes more than 800 movements. Many of them intersect with hip-hop, booty dance, jazz funk and others. Of particular importance are the movements of the hips and buttocks, which gives the dance a special eroticism. It alternates between smooth and expressive movements, welcome improvisation and the inclusion of techniques from other types of dance.

modern contemporary dance

Strip Dance

In modern dance styles, it is impossible not to include Strip Dance. The history of this dance probably goes back to the moment when in the world appeared the first woman. This is a dance of seduction, play, passion.

All the movements in strip plastique, maximum plastic and spectacular. The dance emphasizes the beauty of a woman’s body, flexibility and sexuality.

Class strip dance helps girls and women to overcome any complexes, to reveal their inner feminine potential, to love their bodies and learn to present themselves beautifully.


Hip-hop as a culture and dance movement was born in the 70-ies of the twentieth century in America and became popular worldwide in the 90s. The world of hip-hop includes several dance styles: breakdancing, popping, freestyle and a variety of sub-styles.

The basic idea of hip-hop is improvisation in the movements to the music with a clear rhythmic basis (rap). This also includes club songs from DJs with a characteristic “scratch,” when the record is moving back and forth and breaks the rhythm dimension.

Hip-hop is a youth dance, free of convention and rules. Self-expression and improvisation is especially important here.

Lady Style

Exciting and sexy Lady Style was formed in pop culture in the 90s of the twentieth century. It combined the movements of Vogue, Jazz Funk, Modern and other popular dance movements. The peculiarity of the style was to emphasize the feminine appeal and flirtatiousness. Unlike Vogue, it is less mannered.

In music videos, it is most often seen by Britney Spears and Beyonce. The characteristic features of the style lurk in the costumes. This is a tight seductive clothing, high heels, an abundance of sequins and sequins.

Lady Style is a dance area for the real girls, ready to reveal their femininity in the dance and conquer the audience with spectacular moves.

What is modern and contemporary dance examples?

There are many different types of modern and contemporary dance, but some examples include the works of Merce Cunningham, Trisha Brown, and Pina Bausch. These dancers often create pieces that are non-traditional, abstract, and improvisational.

What is considered modern dance?

There is no one answer to this question as modern dance is a relatively broad term that can refer to a variety of dance styles. However, in general, modern dance is a form of dance that emphasizes expressive movement and is often choreographed to express particular ideas or emotions. It can be eclectic in nature, borrowing elements from a variety of different dance styles, and often incorporates improvisation.

What makes contemporary dance different?

There are several things that make contemporary dance different from other styles of dance. First, contemporary dance is typically more improvisational, which means that dancers often create their own moves on the spot. Additionally, contemporary dance often incorporates elements of modern dance, jazz, and ballet, which gives it a unique look and feel. Finally, contemporary dance is typically more expressive and emotional than other styles, which can be attributed to its focus on storytelling and character development.