What is a tango


Tango is a dance that originated in the late nineteenth century on the banks of the Rio de la Plato, a large river that flows through Uruguay and Argentina. Music

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Learn how to dance app

dance app

8 dance app that will teach you how to dance How often do you say “I don’t dance” and spend the most groovy part of the evening in a corner?

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How to dance in Roblox


If you’re new to the game Roblox, you haven’t seen much yet. In sandbox, the main developers are the players themselves. Therefore, you can expect anything from the games. Many

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What is tango music

tango music

Why We Cannot Live Without the Tango The birth of “dancing to the sound of the drum The word “tango” itself comes from a dialect of the Nigerian Ibbio people,

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What is belly dance

belly dance

Belly Dance Bellydance (bellydance) is an Arab national dance. Western name for a dance technique common in the Middle East and Arab countries. In Arabic, it is known as Raks

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What is modern contemporary dance


Types and styles of modern contemporary dance: an overview of the main genres, their history and features The dance world is changing and is regularly replenished with new types of

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